Justin & Dana is an interactive installation inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet. Spectators are tempted to take part in the instrallation and thus influence color, sound and light.

On december the 12th 2012, Dana Martin was arrested for plotting a murder targeting Justin Bieber. The obsessive fan with a tattoo of the young popstar on his leg, could not express his love in an other way than to kill him. Just like the dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet, in this tale love turns into death. How can you kill for love? In this project, the creators tried to find an answer to this question. What experiences someone when his love becomes an addiction and he or she gets stuck in a world of disillusionment and despair?

Justin & Dana was made in 16 weeks by second year students Interactive Performance Design of the Utrecht School of Arts. Made with plastic strips and 200 LED lights we created a small space where two visitors can interact with the installation.


Charlotte Madelon: Content creator and project leader.JimStrolenberg

Jim Strolenberg: Project manager and audio designer. Visit: www.destromboli.nl RichardVanDeLagemaat

Richard van de Lagemaat: Hardware designer. Visit: www.re-code.eu RonaldWerkhoven

Ronald Werkhoven: Software designer. Visit: www.hyrne.nlSebastiaanHenssen

Sebastiaan Hensen: Interaction designer. Visit: www.sebastiaanhensen.weebly.com