Charlotte Madelon

Rosa’s Garden

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A calm gardening game

Rosa’s Garden is a calm and poetic flower game about gardening with roses. Dig little holes in the ground, find seeds, plant them and watch how slowly a rose grows. By combining fully blossomed roses, you can breed new seeds. There are over 40 combinations available and each rose is named after a famous women, paying a small tribute to their lives and achievements.

Developed by Charlotte Madelon
Audio created by Martin Mathiesen Kvale

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Rosa’s Garden was one of the standout titles in the selection: an enigmatic game of growing, breeding and discovering new breeds of roses.” Big Boss Battle

“Rosa’ Garden is simply a beautiful, relaxing little game where you can learn a little about various famous women along the way.” Indie Games Plus

“Do I get to just sit back and enjoy good coloured weeds being chill and calming? Yes, yes I do.”  Rock Paper Shotgun

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Lily suffers from an unfamiliar disease. The player interacts with the flower, unfolding leafs or moving bodyparts. The more traumas Lily gets, the more insects start appearing. Each creature represents an illness a child could get later in life when exposed to trauma. The goal is to find and collect all creatures to learn about Lily’s obscure sickness.

About Lily:

Based upon Charlotte Madelon’s own experiences and the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, Lily is not a serious game but a socially engaged entertainment game to create awareness about this public health problem.

Currently Lily is developed by Charlotte Madelon and made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL. The audio is developed by Stijn Frishert


The Adverse Childhood Experience Study

Ted-talk: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris


Cover Me

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Cover Me is an experimental, dreamy like game that wanders about the shaping and validation of things.

What do you play?

You are a piano player walking to the stage. When you enter the curtains, things are starting to change. Objects appear, move, dissappear and eventually explode.

What is it?

Cover Me is an art-game made in 2013. It was my first real project and my intention was to discover as an artist what was possible with Unity3D. My approach was to avoid conventional gameplay like using words, hints, score bars or pointers.

Justin & Dana

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Justin & Dana is an interactive installation inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet. Spectators are tempted to take part in the instrallation and thus influence color, sound and light.

What do you experience?

On december the 12th 2012, Dana Martin was arrested for plotting a murder targeting Justin Bieber. The obsessive fan with a tattoo of the young popstar on his leg, could not express his love in an other way than to kill him. Just like the dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet, in this tale love turns into death. How can you kill for love? In this project, the creators tried to find an answer to this question. What experiences someone when his love becomes an addiction and he or she gets stuck in a world of disillusionment and despair?

What is it?

Justin & Dana was made in 16 weeks by second year students Interactive Performance Design of the Utrecht School of Arts. Made with plastic strips and 200 LED lights we created a small space where two visitors can interact with the installation.

Meet the team


Charlotte Madelon: Content creator and project leader.JimStrolenberg

Jim Strolenberg: Project manager and audio designer. Visit: RichardVanDeLagemaat

Richard van de Lagemaat: Hardware designer. Visit: RonaldWerkhoven

Ronald Werkhoven: Software designer. Visit: www.hyrne.nlSebastiaanHenssen

Sebastiaan Hensen: Interaction designer. Visit: